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MENTION THE NAME OF THE PROJECT for which you have booked your tickets. Please note you can only collect awards related to the below mentioned PROJECT and you cannot collect other TEAMs AWARDS on behalf of or in absence of any other team members.

MENTION THE TOTAL NUMBER OF TICKETS BOOKED for your AWARD CEREMONY for your PROJECT. Please note if you want any additional tickets then please book your tickets and then submit this form, Once this form is submitted the FINAL TICKETS will be generated for your PROJECT and hence you cannot book anymore tickets. MENTIONED INFORMATION will be rechecked by the TEAM before issuing the TICKETS.

Please mention the NAMES of the TICKET HOLDERS or the INDIVIDUAL NAMES of the person for whom the TICKETS are booked and also mention their association with your PROJECT. Example : 1. YASH = ACTOR 2. MADHU = DIRECTOR 3. SUMAN = FRIEND 4. ANU = FAMILY. The names will be Mentioned in the ID CARDs which will be Available in the VENUE and carrying a COPY of GOVERNMENT ID CARD is mandatory for every INDIVIDUAL.

If you wish to book for HOTEL ACCOMMODATION with us then please WHATSAPP to 8296046643 and get relevant information and then share the below asked information. If you don't wish wish to book HOTEL ACCOMMODATION with INDIAN FILM HOUSE then select NO in the below listed option and proceed for next INFORMATION. 


Did you receive the information about TOTAL CATEGORIES YOUR PROJECT WON ?
If not then please Whatsapp to 8296046643 and know about the total categories your PROJECT WON under several NOMINATED CATEGORY. Once you know the information about TOTAL CATEGORIES YOUR FILM WON, Submit the below asked information.


Have you booked the PHOTO FRAMES for the WINNING CATEGORIES ? If you haven't booked yet and wish to book the PHOTO FRAMES for WINNERS then please WHATSAPP to 8296046643 and book your PHOTO FRAMES for the total WINNING CATEGORIES for your PROJECT.


If not then Please WHATSAPP to 8296046643 and then proceed to fill the below listed information. 


Please recheck all the above mentioned information twice before submitting the form and if you have any queries please whatsapp to 8296046643 and submit the form only after all your queries is CLEARED. LAST DATE to submit the form is AUGUST 3rd 2023.

Thank you for SUBMITTING.

Please Check your mail for further information.

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