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Main Motto of CFF

Colloboration for Film is the Event planned to reach the Most Struggling and Aspiring Talented ARTISTS and TECHNICIANS to make their dream come true not after winning but during their participation in the contest. We just want to create a talented army which can Create Magic on BIG-Screen to Entertain the audiance.

The concept of this event is huge and hence we suggest one contestant to participate in any one category for one project, but one contestant can register any number of times for any number of projects under DIFFERENT CATEGORY.

Here Artists get BEST TECHNICIANS and EVERY TECHNICIAN get all necessary need for making FILM. Best part of the CONTEST is that every contestant registered for the CONTEST will also EARN from each project. Hence supporting every individual to comeup with many NEW PROJECTS and hence the journey of FILM CONTINUES...

To participate contact

9108 865 828 - Whatsapp

9538 124 125 - Contact

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