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Agreement process includes many rules and regulations which has to be followed by all the Assistant DIRECTORS and ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS.

1. Agreement will be made between IFH and the respective technician for a period of 6 MONTHS.
2. Once you sign the agreement you will be liable for any loss incurred by you during this SIX MONTHS.
3. Once you agree to sign the agreement you will get a OFFICIAL OFFER LETTER by IFH stating your appointment for IFH PRODUCTIONS.
4. Any misbehavior activity found, IFH holds complete rights to remove you from the team without prior notice and your LOCKIN amount will not be refunded.
5. Anybody found sharing or leaking the work process of IFH PRODUCTIONS, STORY or any other personal information related to IFH will be removed immediately.
6. Your LOCKIN period is 6 MONTHS and you will have to pay in cash rupees 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) which will be refunded once the agreement is completed and the same will be mentioned in the agreement copy (ORIGINAL COPY of agreement will be given to respective DIRECTORS and a photocopy of it will be with IFH).
7. You will also get a Challan for the PAYMENT you make with IFH and will be the proof of statement for future.
8. Once you agree to all the terms and conditions of IFH,
WhatsApp to 8296046643 "I wish to proceed further" to get your OFFER LETTER before signing the AGREEMENT for your REFERENCES.
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