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1. EVERY FILM MAKER is given equal opportunity to work in FILMS and SHOWCASE your TALENT.
2. You must be comfortable for any work given from Pre-Production to Post-Production.
3. You must be friendly with all your co directors and respect each other.
4. You can share all your creative ideas and thoughts with the team and best ideas will sure be implemented for the betterment of the FILM.
5. You must be professional during working hours and any misbehavior found will be removed from the team immediately.
6. Since it is a PAN INDIA FILM, you must be active under each sector of work and cooperate accordingly.
7. All Assistant Directors will also get their names displayed in the title card.
1. Accommodation will be provided by the team for all the Assistant and Associate DIRECTORS during the project.
2. FOOD ITEMS will be provided by IFH and preparation of food must be planned by the team and plan accordingly.
3. Please make sure you keep the place clean and also maintain discipline as you will be in residential area. 
4. YOUR accommodation is provided by the team only during your agreement period and will be chargeable after the agreement period is completed.
5. Please make sure you get the mats, pillow and matrices during your STAY for your SAFETY. 
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