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The mother




Sara Jennifer John Christ



Arjun is the project head of a leading company in Chennai and has a lots of work load and tasks to achieve, whereas he doesn’t even
have time to speak over the phone to his mother who lives in the village miles away. Priya his girlfriend on her birthday take him to
meet her parents and introduce him as her partner in life. Both are happy. Arjun goes to go a gift shop on the way to pick a greeting
card and send it through post to his mother as it is Mother’s Day today.
A little girl Angel is selling flowers outside the gift shop and she also has made her mind to buy a gift article put on display at the
shop for her mother. She has to sell all the flowers to make the profit to by the gift article. She requests the shopkeeper to keep the
selected gift article for her as she will sell all the flowers and will come with the money to buy it and the storekeeper assures her on
Outside the gift shop Angle tries to sell the flower to Arjun and Priya but they ignore and go inside the gift shop. Angle is little
disappointed, however she continuous to target other customers and also keeping an eye on the gift article. Arjun has picked a
Mother’s day greeting card, mentioning the wishes he also writes his feeling for his mother and how sorry he is about not giving
enough time to her. He asks the storekeeper to arrange for a postal of the greeting card to his mother’s address and pays him extra. While they come out of the shop, they find Angle buying tea and bun for a poor man. Arjun is moved by this act of Angel. She looks at
Arjun and Priya and approaches them to sell the flower. Arjun asks her why is she continuously looking at the gift article kept in
display. Angel politely tells that she wants to buy the gift article at display for her mother and to gift her today on the occasion of
the Mother’s Day. Arjun is emotionally moved. He buys all the flowers and pays the girl. Angle is happy, she gives him all the flowers
and asks him to wait while she gets him the balance change. Angel rushes into the gift shop to get the change in the meanwhile
Arjun and Priya moves ahead. Angel runs out of the shop with the change towards them while they walk away. She calls out for them
and while running she falls down. Arjun sees it and he rush towards Angel and tells her that she should have kept the change and it
was for her. Angel thanks Arjun for his purchase, however she gives him back the change. She struggles to move normally as she fall
down very badly. Arjun willingly helps Angel by offering drop to her house to which Angel agrees to.
Angel has nicely wrapped the gift for her mother, she is tremendously happy. She also navigates Arjun in his car to reach her place. The car finally reaches the destination which is a church. Angel gets off the car and rushes into the church compound, she also
invites them to come inside the church. Arjun and Priya walk into the church. They meet the Nun and tell them about how they met
Angle and reached here. The Nun thanks them for helping her. Arjun and Priya tell the Nun that they want to meet Angel and her
mother to say a good bye.
The Nun remains silent, Arjun couldn’t believe what he is seeing and so does Priya. Angel is knelling infront of her mother’s grave and
she has kept the gift on it. The Nun tells Arjun that Angel’s mother died while giving birth to her. Angel has never seen her mother, but she loves her mother the most. She stays in the children’s home, she is good in studies and well disciplined.
Arjun realises his biggest mistake of life. He immediately proceeds to see his mother leaving everything behind. He tries to inform his
mother that he is on his way to the house to meet her but no one picks the phone and it goes unanswered several times. He finally
reaches his house, but to his surprise the bad news awaits. He is been informed that his mother passed away in the morning and
everyone were trying to reach him but he never answered the phone. The relatives tell him to reach the funeral ground at the earliest
before his mother’s body is cremated. Arjun rushes towards the funeral ground but he is late. His mother’s body is already set in
flame as per the custom and ritual, Arjun blames himself for being negligence and unfair towards his mother, which he has to now
live with for lifelong.
Life is too short, be courteous to your parents. They are the living god.
The lyrics and visuals of the song in the end portrays the importance of a mother.


Darwin Raj
Thimona Rachel
Mrithika Arjun (Child)
Kalyan Kumar
Madhav Renamala
Alekhya Reddy
Sasikala Selvaraj
E. Raja
E. Rathana Devi
Sreeram Thenappan
Siluvai Yesu
Suraj Krishna
Selvaraj Ethiraj
D. Murugan Swamy
Baby Sakshi Sitara (Child)
Master Subash
Chandrabose (Child


Edidor Anthony
Music & BGM S. Nirmal Raj
DoP Arjun Raja
DI Shivakumar BVR
Co Producer Selvaraj Ethiraj
Producer Sara Jennifer John Christ
Story, Screenplay,
Dialouges & Direction

Image by Thomas Kinto


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The mother




Sara Jennifer John Christ

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